52nd National Annual General Meeting Held

52nd National Annual General Meeting Held
Members after hearing during the annual general meeting

The Bible Society of Kenya successfully hosted the 52nd National Annual General Meeting on March 25, 2023 at CITAM Valley Road and virtually at scale.

The National Annual General Meeting is held annually for registered members of the BSK, where they come to communicate, receive reports on the work of the previous year, elect members of the Council and receive forecasts regarding plans for the coming year.

The meeting was attended by members from various chapters, including Machakos, Bungoma, Kericho, Kakamega, Kisumu, Meru, Kiambu, Nyeri, Vihiga and Nairobi chapters.

The service was led by Canon Kistos Hisa, chairman of the Bungoma parish. The sermon was taken from Romans 12 with emphasis on verse 11, Zealous and Zealous in the Service of God, which emphasizes how to share as we serve God. The highlights of the sermon were;

Paul pleads with the church in Rome to reflect on their lives to see if they are still walking with the Lord. BSK provided a platform for meditation on the Word of God using the Holy Scriptures.

Members were encouraged not to follow the patterns of the world, but to renew their minds/attitudes by reading the word of God. Canon stressed that leaders must lead by example.

Paul identified areas where the church has failed.

  1. Prayer. Calls on members to pray for BSK and its work to prosper and our nation to be sanctified.
  2. Service – Encourages members to support BSK chapters and help local residents during the dry season.
  3. Members were encouraged to support those who are suffering due to various factors by sharing the word of God.
  4. Members were encouraged to seek peace with all, to show truth and repentance (Nehemiah 9:3).
  5. Members were exhorted to avoid corruption and what is not right in order to bear good fruit.

The NAGM provided an opportunity for members to network and introduce the Council to members. Members who supported the translation work by donating to the translation of various chapters were also honored and awarded certificates. Council Chairman Prof. Mumo Kisau thanked the Council members for their commitment to take the mission of the Bible Society of Kenya to a higher level.

Professor Mumo encouraged participants to actively participate in the implementation of BSK’s work in different districts so that the mission and programs of BSK have an impact on the grassroots level.

The new members were recognized and received membership certificates from the General Secretary and the President of the Council. We thank all participants who took the time to attend the meeting physically and virtually.