A Bible for Every Child – McQueeny Bible Distribution

A Bible for Every Child - McQueeny Bible Distribution

Last week, from May 15-19, 2023, the Bible Society of Kenya visited 32 marginalized schools in Makueni district, reaching 10,162 children and teenagers in schools with scriptures ranging from the Good News Bible, Revised Standard Version, New Testament, Bible Walk , Just a Bible and a piece of Hope. Every child received a Bible!

Meet Macueni

Makueni is located in the eastern part of Kenya. The population is 987,653 in six districts: Makueni, East Kibwezi, West Kibwezi, Kilome, Mboni and Kaiti. The Society visited schools in all of these sub-offices except for Kaichi.


It was one of the toughest Bible distribution events ever! From bad roads, uneven and rugged terrain, to getting stuck for 3 hours at night in the middle of the thick cold Mboni hills and getting lost when we tried to find schools that can hardly be found on Google maps! SCHOOLS were further than Google could tell! 2 hours from one school to another! Talk about getting a flat tire and getting to school late at night!

Talk about kids looking malnourished for lack of food. Imagine telling their parents to buy a Bible! Imagine such a parent having to take their child to church!

Did you know that most of the marginalized schools we visited in this region have children from families who believe in witchcraft? So much so that the children are suspicious of each other! This gives us more reason to reach out to such people with the word of God, the Bible! Saturate it as much as God allows us to.

The harvest is huge

So many children are lost because they have no one to share the Good News with. We are the people God is counting on. We had 52 boys and girls in high school who were born again! GOD BLESS!

There must be a cost

Like the missionaries who first brought the gospel to where we are, God is counting on us to join hands, reach out to all and make the Word of God available. It will cost our resources, our time and many sacrifices. Can God count on us?

Why Distribute the Bible?

Encourage reading the Word of God that brings freedom from bondage!

To encourage children to do better in religious education!

Educate children morally!

We are grateful to all our partners who DREAM WITH US about: A BIBLE FOR EVERY MARGINALIZED CHILD IN SCHOOL!