Bible Societies Day of Prayer

Bible Societies Day of Prayer

Today, May 9, 2023, the Bible Society of Kenya (BSK) has joined the community of United Bible Societies (UBS) to pray for Bible work.

Bible Societies hold an annual UBS Day of Prayer to pray for Bible work around the world on May 9th. United Bible Societies is a fellowship of Bible Societies working in over 240 countries and territories to make the Bible accessible to all.

On this day, Bible Societies unite with churches, staff, members, and other interested parties to pray for Bible ministry in their country and the ministry of Bible Societies around the world.

BSK marked this day of prayer with a hybrid gathering, most of whom joined virtually, while BSK staff joined the Bible House physically. The meeting started early at 7:30 am and drew over 70 participants from all over Kenya. The event was attended by several senior Church leaders from different denominations and regions of Kenya, parishioners, staff, Council members, trustees and other friends of BSK who participated in prayers on various aspects, including Bible translation projects and Bible protection programs, prayers for Kenya and Church, United Bible Societies, and countries in war.

It comes at a time when Kenya is facing devastating news of a rise in cults and the occult that has led to many deaths in Kenya’s coastal region. The Church was being tested, and many questioned the voice of the Church while all this was going on. The congregation took time to pray about this issue and to state in faith that the Church will continue to stand and speak out strongly against such vices that have led to brainwashing and even death.

Council Chairman Prof. Mumo Kisau thanked all the participants for praying for the Bible work. He also encouraged them to continue to pray for the country, the peoples of the world, and the work of the Bible Societies.

After the meeting, several messages of gratitude and goodwill were received, with some participants asking to join the BSK family as members.