Bible training “Fundamentals of life” – Karatina

A Bible for Every Child - McQueeny Bible Distribution

On May 15, BSK conducted a successful training for 35 pastorsth in Karatina to introduce them to the Life Essentials Study Bible. This is a unique and comprehensive resource designed to deepen their understanding of the Word of God and prepare them for effective ministry.

This Bible is unique in that it includes reading, listening and viewing aspects of 1500 biblical principles explained in expositions made by Dr. Gene Goetz. The Christian Standard Version of this Bible also makes it easier for pastors to understand and interact with.

The training was highly appreciated by the pastors, who noted that the Bible combines technologies that allow users to read, watch, listen and understand the principles contained in it, which they can then apply in their lives. We thank God for the opportunity to enrich Church leaders so that they can serve effectively.