Equipping Turkana District Students

Equipping Turkana District Students

We thank God for the lives that have been changing thanks to the Literacy for Women in Africa program since its inception in 2018.

Ms Asinien, beneficiary of the literacy project

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, BSK has added 15 new classes to its current 20 existing classes, for a total of 35 classes in the Turkana district.

A total of 30 new teachers have been added to the current 40 teachers, and they are due to complete refresher courses in the month of April in preparation for classes starting in May 2023.

The BSK team and UBS office conducted a successful screening visit to test three new classes at Nadapal, Nakaporongoyt and Natol centers located in Turkana Central and Turkana West respectively, and an impact assessment was carried out at four old Lokapararae centers, Katiko, Thiya. and Kakuma.


I didn’t know anything. He did not attend school and was afraid of books. The call to the Bsk adult class opened my eyes to the value of education. My kids scammed me, stole money through mepes. Now this is no more. I can read and look at their progress in school. If no one wrote the date of attendance? He shows that the child lied. I learned how to work with debtors in my business. I keep a record of their names and amounts. The Ngaturkana Bible opened my heart to forgive especially my debtors. I would encourage more women to join the class. I like the BSK T-shirt because it shows that I have graduated from high school. This is my uniform, I am the BSK Literacy Brand Ambassador. I attended classes in 2021.” Ms. Asinjen, 33, is a Christian woman from the village of Kaitegiro in Katiko, Western Turkana.

We look forward to sharing more stories about the impact this project has had on Turkana County students. To support the student, donate through Pay bill 518100: Account: Literacy