God Answers Prayers and Delivers the Faithful

God Answers Prayers and Delivers the Faithful

Anna, Elkana’s wife, was barren, and her rival Penina irritated her because she did not have a child. Anna turned to God with a prayer and asked him for a child. God remembered Anna and gave her a child, Samuel, in response to her perseverance in prayer.

Anna answered God My heart rejoiced in the Lord; my horn was lifted up in the Lord. My lips laugh at my enemies because I rejoice in your salvation. (1 Samuel 2:1). God rewards those who diligently seek Him. Samuel was not an ordinary child; he became a great prophet. He was an honest man and was respected throughout his life.

I could be that you are in a situation where your enemies are laughing at you like Penina was laughing at Hannah. Do not give up; God is true to His word and answers prayer. When Hannah felt abandoned and alone, she pleaded with God and she was remembered and her tears were wiped away. God is a powerful deliverer, so don’t give up, His solution will be better than you imagine and He will come at the right time.

Lord, help me to seek You and trust You in all circumstances. Amen

(Excerpt from the religious Bible of African women)