God’s Word for Children

God’s Word for Children

The Bible Eagles Club Fun Day and Open the Book events were a huge success! Over 840 children from Nairobi and Nyeri gathered to attend two events that were held at ACK Karuri Church and Nyeri Primary School.

The day was filled with learning and fun activities, all aimed at teaching the children about God’s word.

The Bible Eagles Club programme aims to bring children aged between 3 -18 years together in a fun environment to learn the word of God. The Open the Book programme uses drama to tell Bible stories to children. Through these programmes, children are taught God’s word so that they can apply them at an early age.

The children participated in variety of activities, including music, Bible trivia, mentorship sessions, face painting, bouncing castles, dramatizing bible stories and outdoor games, they also enjoyed a delicious lunch and snacks.

One of the highlights of the day was memory verse recitals. The children had prepared in advance to recite portions of Scripture and competed to see who could memorize correctly according to the portion of Scripture.

The climax of the event was the awarding of Bibles for the winners who participated in different activities. The excitement on the children’s faces was a clear indication that the children enjoyed themselves and appreciate the time shared with each other and the friendships created.

The Bible Eagles Club Fun Day was a great success, and it was a valuable opportunity to teach children about God’s word. The event was a reminder that the Bible can be a fun and engaging way to learn about God, and it is important to find creative ways to share the Bible with children. Every child also walked away with the Love of God portion to remind them that God loves them.