God’s Word for Unreached Children

God's Word for Unreached Children
ISILOLO DISTRICT is one of the 47 districts in Kenya.
It is one of the most sparsely populated counties, with the majority of residents being Turkana communities. Other tribes in the region speak Measure, Samburu, and Borana. There are 62 public schools in the district, both middle and elementary.
The Bible Society of Kenya visited the district and distributed Bibles to 1/3 of the schools. 21 marginal schools! from 63 schools in the district. All the schools in this district are absolutely marginalized!
Children eat only one meal a day, and this is part of the school meal program organized by the government. Most parents are poor. Very poor!
Do you think a guardian might consider buying Bibles for their children? Absolutely not!
Food, clothing and housing are a priority for such parents! Which is a miracle for most of them!
As part of the Bible Distribution to Marginalized Children and Youth program, BSK has distributed 9,222 Bibles, the New Testament and the Gospel of John to students in 21 public schools!
Thank you to our core partners in this ministry for making this possible. Glory to Jehovah Ira who provides EVERYTHING so that His people will cooperate with Him and other Christians to reach out a helping hand to the least in our country, Kenya.
1. For children to find hope by reading the Word of God.
2. For teachers and churches to instruct children in schools and when children go to church.
3. In Kenya, 16,000,000 children attend schools. Pray for more resources to reach all children.
To be part of this mission to bring Bibles to more children in Kenya, please contact us on 0729406032.