Healing of wounded souls

Healing of wounded souls

Kenya has experienced many stressful situations in the recent past, including severe drought, politically instigated chaos and violence, drug and substance abuse, traffic accidents, ethnic and cross-border conflicts, terrorist attacks, and natural disasters such as floods, landslides, etc. .

As a result, these traumatic events have devastated the lives of many people, leaving them to live in despair and hopelessness.

The BSK Trauma Treatment Program has helped many people by bringing them healing and renewed hope. A biblical approach and mental health interventions helped traumatized people begin the healing process as they gained understanding of their heart wounds and learned to appreciate God’s love for them through His Word.

In recent months, 281 people have been treated for injuries. We have received a huge amount of evidence about the positive impact of the program on participants. This program has also been successful through partnerships with churches and other mission-oriented organizations.

We thank God for His word that heals broken hearts and gives hope. To enroll in the Trauma Treatment Program, call 0719250559.