Healing prisoners

The Trauma Healing Program continues to spread the message of healing to different audiences across the country.

Through the efforts of the Eastleigh Deliverance Church, 25 women from Langata Women’s Prison walk with their heads held high with a lighter burden after undergoing an injury healing program.

The Langata Women’s Prison houses women from all walks of life who have been imprisoned for a variety of offenses ranging from petty crimes to the most heinous crimes imaginable. Serving a prison sentence can be one of the most traumatic experiences for some people as some of them may have been wrongly accused and ended up in jail.

The 14-week trauma treatment sessions were a breath of fresh air for the prisoners who were constantly going through the healing group. The healing was evident in the joy they radiated as they waited to receive their certificates from BSK on June 21, 2023 at the prison premises.

Many testimonies have been narrated about how the program helped prisoners:

“I was rescued in this prison. I thank God that I’m going home today after the media interviewed me and helped me raise my bail money. I am very grateful to God and today I am going home saved and happy. Pray for me when I go out so that God will help me make the right decision, and I will also pray for you.” Agnes

“I hated myself so much because of the crime I committed. I didn’t think I deserved anything good in life. As a result, I could easily get so angry, and most of the time I was angry to the point that I even got sick due to the anger accumulated in me. After completing the trauma healing training, I felt free of all my burdens. I feel happier. My life will never be the same again. I am grateful for this class.” Diana

Madame Josephine, Senior Superintendent of the Prison, praised the instructors for their noble initiative, noting that even officers need trauma healing training as they experience trauma in the line of duty and in their personal lives. She reminded the inmates that they were not far from loving God.

Follow-up measures are being taken to ensure that more prisoners as well as officers benefit from this training soon. Indeed, there is hope in the word of God.