Impact on life through audio bibles

Impact on life through audio bibles
Audio Bible beneficiary

We thank God for the successful and efficient monitoring of the FCBH program in Kakamega County.

We are grateful for every provision that made this event possible. We are grateful to Bishop Amos Andala, BSK member and chairman of Kakamega Branch, who has a heart for people and for God’s work. We visited Bukusu, Tiriki, Idaho, Isukha and Olulukhya speakers who have been using audio bibles since 2019.


“I have been childless all my life. The pain of waiting for God was very heavy. I lost my husband and now I live alone. The only friend I have is an audio Bible that I have to listen to when I go to fellowship. God is the husband of widows like me. He is close to me through this Bible. While I’m listening, you have no idea how much peace I’m getting.” Katherine Bunoro, Isiki Village

I was a social outcast after losing six of my children. Everyone thought I was cursed, but praise be to God Who healed my heart, and the very community that cast me out is the same community that I share the Word with. Psalm 22 was such an encouragement. Esther Hasoa Isihi Village

I understood the influence of sin through Romans, and because of this Herald I was born again! I am now a Sunday school teacher. Fanis Lundegni, Isihi village

“I married a drunk man and he came home angry and that made me angry too and I yelled at him. I told myself that I had options to marry someone else who was sober, but I still knew it was the man I loved, and my point was confirmed when I stumbled upon the Audio Bible! God in His Word taught me to pray for him and be slow to speak and anger. I never stopped praying that he would be delivered from a life of sin. I still hope because God doesn’t lie.” Alice Baraza, 63, Tembwa village.

“I used to consult with healers before I got to know God through an audio bible. In fact, I was also a witch and did not recognize the power of God at all.” I lost my husband. Nobody could help me. Even my fellow healers. I was looking for God when a woman greeted me in Ushirik, where I found them listening to the herald Lubukusu. Little by little, I began to meet Jesus and was even born again. Today I pray and seek God in everything.” Mary Nelima, 56 years old, Tembva village.

“Audio Bible made me realize how I made my family suffer.” Proverbs 6:16-19 has changed the game! When I turned on the radio (he calls the audio radio), my mother and siblings were laughing at me. I didn’t realize until they said that I was all those 7 things that God hates. I got drunk and did all these terrible things, but God brought me to repentance the very day my family spoke. This Audio Bible is a blessing! Now I lead prayers before any event in our family. “Joseph Ngoi, 45, Cambiri village.

“After listening to the audio of the Bible, I realized that God is really fighting in my battles. This happened after he was accused of rape and illegally imprisoned.” Peter Ngome, Shivakala village

“Listening to the Bible audio has helped me assess situations and approach them with a sober mind and consider the implications before jumping to conclusions.” Samuel Mukoho, 53, Mukada village

“I used to be a criminal until I joined FCBH and God changed my life and saved me. I would be in prison now if I hadn’t met Christians in Shivakal. Now I’m the leader of the group.” Geoffrey Ingulushi, Mukada village

Praise God for every life transfigured by the word. To participate in the audiovisual program, call 0729406032.