Inspiring the Next Generation of Transformational Leaders

Inspiring the Next Generation of Transformational Leaders

The Society hosted the first ever youth leadership training called Catalyst Leadership Training organized in Kenya by the Bible Society of Kenya and the International Bible Defense Centre.

Catalysing Leadership training aims to equip young leaders with the leadership skills, knowledge, and values ​​to become effective leaders in their communities. The program was aimed at young leaders aged 18 to 35 who have demonstrated leadership qualities and a commitment to community development.

The inaugural training took place physically over three days at the All Africa Conference of Churches and was attended by 40 participants who were eager to learn and gain strength in leadership matters.

The training will be hybrid (both virtual and physical) for a period of six months. The program takes a holistic approach that combines biblical leadership principles with the practical application of leaders in various professions.

The training sessions were led by experienced instructors from BSK and IBAC, including Prof. Mumo Kisau, Dr. Girma Mohammed, and Dr. Joshwa Raj, who used interactive teaching methods, group discussions, and guest interviews to improve the learning process and encourage active participation.

At the end of the training, participants reported a significant improvement in their leadership abilities, including decision making, problem solving, communication skills, and increased biblical knowledge. The Forum also provided a platform for participants to network, collaborate and share experiences with like-minded people, helping to foster a sense of unity among leaders.

Some of the memorable quotes from the sessions include

Integrity costs a lot, but it is worth the sacrifice – Reverend Fr. Joseph Obwanda

Catalytic leaders are RARE – they demonstrate responsibility, accountability, reliability and are trusted – PST. Flavia Murugi

Influence is based on Me, You and We. We should not have the Adamic syndrome of blaming, blaming and justifying. PST. Flavia Murugi

Leadership is redemption prof. Mumo Kisau

People who align their personal goals with those of the organization are more productive than those who experience disconnection from personal goals. prof. Mumo Kisau

You can’t lead people in a way that doesn’t suit your life. Mr Stephen Muiru

You cannot be an empty vessel as a leader. You need a large knowledge base to raise the bar for leadership. Mr Stephen Muiru

Biblical worldview gives you; human dignity, personal responsibility, character, authority, justice, governance and compassion – Dr. Girma Mohammed

True leaders are highly adaptable; they adapt to changing situations. Dr. Girma Mohammed

We thank God for the successful training and trust that young leaders will continue to learn and apply the principles that will help them bring about positive change in society.