Jesus Film in Lunyala Language Launched

Jesus Film in Lunyala Language Launched

On Thursday, November 9th, 2023, a team from the Bible Society of Kenya arrived in the Banyala community, carrying with them a treasure more precious than gold or diamonds: the Jesus Film, translated into their native language, Lunyala language.

The launch was attended by Clergy from various Churches and community members of different age groups who gathered to witness the launch of the film.

Before the film was launched, the gathering was taken through the translation process of the Lunyala Bible into text and then visual format, a conversation that started in 2013. The Clergy thanked the Bible Society of Kenya for bringing this film to reality. They dedicated the film to God in prayer as a sign of the official launch.

The community then had an opportunity to watch the film based on the book of Luke. They witnessed the birth of Jesus, his miracles, his teachings, and his ultimate sacrifice. They watched in awe as he spoke of love, compassion, and forgiveness, values that resonated deeply with their culture.

With open hearts and eager minds, the Banyala embraced the teachings of Jesus. They found solace in his message of hope, strength in his promise of redemption, and inspiration to live a life filled with love and compassion. The Jesus Film is not merely a translated story; it brings forth the message of salvation, a bridge between their world and the divine.

The Banyala community’s embrace of the Jesus Film marked a turning point in their community as they will continue to gather to watch and discuss the film and use it for evangelism.