Literacy and Livelihoods: Monitoring the BSK Literacy for Women in Africa Project

Literacy and Livelihoods: Monitoring the BSK Literacy for Women in Africa Project

BSK conducted a successful learners’ assessment for the Literacy for Women in Africa project in Lodwar, Turkana County on 21st-24th November 2023.

The four-day exercise involved checking the literacy skills acquired by the learners who have undergone training for seven months.

The team from BSK engaged the learners by asking questions from the basic Ngaturkana primer, alphabet chart, words, and sound identification, to check their mastery of vocabulary, syllables, reading, writing and comprehension fluency. This activity was conducted in both old and new centres in the County. 

The learners who began classes in May 2023 recalled the challenges they had faced since the classes began considering that most of the learners are aged 40 years and above and have many responsibilities that demand their attention. We observed that many learners had a positive attitude and were willing to be part of the assessment which showed great improvement in the learners in terms of self-confidence and the knowledge acquired.

Many of the learners are looking forward to transitioning to the next level that has other subjects e.g., arithmetic, English, Swahili, and social studies, so they can compete with other people in formal schools and get exposed to more opportunities in education and their community. BSK partners with the directorate of the adult education office to register interested learners in the continuing government adult education program.

We thank God for the positive impact that this programme has had on the lives of the learners in the Turkana community and look forward to an empowered community.