Open the book – Day of children’s fun on Ryakanau

Open the book - Day of children's fun on Ryakanau

The Society reached 130 students with the word of God through the Open Book program on May 3rd.rd2023.

The purpose of the fun day was to interest the children in God’s word so that they could grow in learning the truth. The children who came from all over Embu County and the surrounding area sought to fellowship with each other by studying God’s word. Open the Book volunteers staged the story of the wise king from the storyteller’s book. This helped the children understand history and apply the lessons to their lives.

Other activities of the day included mentoring sessions for boys and girls, game sessions, and awarding prizes to winners in various categories. We want young people to grow in the knowledge of the Word of God so that it can light their paths in everything they do.

To participate in the Open the Book (OTB) program, call 0722205843.