Strengthening Partnerships for Bible Work

Strengthening Partnerships for Bible Work
General Secretary Mrs. Elizabeth Muriuki hands over a talking Bible to Mr. Amachar

A team from the Bible Society of Kenya held fruitful discussions with representatives from Kakamega and Bungoma Counties. The purpose of these discussions was to create goodwill and explore potential areas of partnership to seamlessly run BSK programs within the respective Counties.

The meetings comprised the BSK Management led by the General Secretary Mrs. Elizabeth Muriuki, branch officials and representatives from the respective counties. In addition, the meetings discussed potential areas of collaboration to support BSK work within the Counties.

In Kakamega, the team met the County Government Chaplain, Apostle Ken Baraza, who advises the governor on religious affairs across all the sub-counties of Kakamega. He welcomed the BSK team and noted areas of possible programme partnerships between the two entities.

In Bungoma, the team was welcomed by Mr. Benedict Emachar, the Minister in Charge of Public Service Management and Administration. Mr. Emachar, also a Pastor was happy to receive the BSK team. During the meeting, the Minister was presented with two audio Bibles which he appreciated citing that every morning his department would meet to listen to the Word before embarking on the day’s activities.

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